Soho is an elegant city, consisting on many attractions, like the Catwalk and Elevated Designs. This location promotes the fashionable designer Lady King.
Soho Travel Card

Things to do

Soho is a very interesting place, accompanied by interesting things to do.

  • Elevated Designs - Buy new & improved clothes from the designer Lady King
  • Marketplace - Quick access to items sold by other players
  • Soho Salon - Feeling a little ragged around the edges? New hair here
  • Catwalk Fashion Show - The thing that Soho is most known for, show off your style here
  • Lady King - Buy original Lady King designs

Lady King

The designer Lady King is known for her elegant yet timeless designs.

Some people may see the character Veronica whilst exploring Soho. She is the one who gives out Bejeweled-related challenges.

But, some may not know that Lady King is actually Veronica.

Veronica's ingame bio:

"Veronica King- Bejeweled Store Manager

Signature color: Gold

Motto: Diamonds really are a girl's best friend

Likes: Gold jewelry, diamonds, gowns, anything expensive

Dislikes: Cheap things, fake jewelry, non-designer goods"

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